Happiness in a Material World


Happiness in a Material World

For years, I struggled with the pull of all versus nothing.

The deep desire within to DO more, achieve wild success, and ONLY when I was able to give it 100%. 

Why do something if I am not able to give it ALL my energy? I let the FEELS run my life, but not in the way that was serving my Soul. 

It wasn't a feeling that resided deep within, as the FEELS were driven by the outside world. 

I struggled with the voices in my head that not only wanted me to do MORE, but to receive in equal abundance. 

Again, driven by the forces of the material world, as the voice that resided deep within me was silenced. 

Silenced to a state of complete inaction. 

And in light of the recent tragedies of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, I can't help but feel this burning sensation within me to share my deepest thoughts and reflections on how to find TRUE, lasting happiness in a material world. 

The first thing that ran through my mind in hearing these tragedies was wondering how such prominent names in our society can suffer silently. 

How they can appear to live the golden life, but are truly SCREAMING inside. 

They can't silence the voices of pain within. 

The feelings of emptiness. 

The constant ping pong match of the devil and angel within, and tapping into moments of complete bliss and utter destruction. 

A world driven by fear that encourages you to accumulate MORE, instead of appreciating what lies before your very eyes. 

When truly, it is a matter of MIND. 

For so many years, I was ruled by these forces.

But somehow, when I engaged, always felt amiss. 

It was the pull for instant gratification that is completely HUMAN, yet like everything else in the Universe, is a matter of balancing energies and staying in alignment with TRUTH.

As a child, this resulted in a constant battle with body image, weight gain, and constantly seeking satisfaction from indulgences. 

The constant craving for sweets.

Spending hours immersing in retail therapy, indulging in the latest designer fashions. 

Investing hundreds of dollars to ESCAPE the life I was living with lavish spa experiences, worldly travels, and fine dining experiences. 

Reaching to relationships to be my saving grace. 

Numbing my pain with external desires, that satisfied for a period of time, and always subsided short after. 

And then one day it truly CLICKED. 

I could see the world with new eyes, and slow down enough to SEE where the source of happiness truly resides. 

I found peace in listening to the voice that was silenced for too long.

The voice that asked me, "When do you feel the most PLEASURE?" 

When will you truly be HAPPY with WHAT IS, instead of what COULD BE? 

You see, the world is in pain because we are trained that happiness comes from doing more, instead of focusing on the pure INTENTION behind the experience. 

Having more fine dining experiences.

Accumulating more riches. 

Having lavish vacations.

The constant desire to IMPRESS others, instead of impressing yourself. 

Because when you really think about it, what is the driving FORCE behind the luxuries of the material world? 

To wear the mask of royalty, or to actually SOAK in the experience? 

And if that is so, then you should feel truly at BLISS in all moments of your life, not just in times of a summer escape. 

You can be basking in the sun on the beaches of Fiji and fall victim to the voices.

You can have millions in your brokerage account, and still feel POOR. 

You can be amidst company, and still feel completely ALONE.


Because you have not found your HAPPY. 

The pure, complete stillness where the voices have subsided and you feel JOY with simple pleasures, just like you did as a child. 

Where you have found that...

Happiness is PURPOSE.

Happiness is PASSION.

Happiness is PEACE. 

It's a feeling. Not something you can buy on Amazon.com. 

It's the FEELS that is driven by the internal energies of the Soul.

A release of the expectations driven by material pleasures... 

Which more times than not, is driven by fear of losing these riches as a badge of honor. 

Now, don't get me wrong...you are HUMAN, which means you will always have that innate desire. 

But today, I ask you to check in and ask yourself...HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? 

When will it be ENOUGH?

And even more powerful, is the question of asking yourself WHY do I need these things?

What does it bring to me internally? 

Who am I with it?

Who would I be without it? 

What truly matters? 

And if you still find yourself in a state of mass confusion, know that you are not alone. 

When you can follow the intention of your bliss, you will attract all you desire. 

Intention that is rooted in helping humanity, not pure desires for the self alone. 

How can you make an imprint in the sand? The first step begins WITHIN. 


“To know yourself, you must sacrifice the illusion that you already do.” 
― Vironika TugalevaThe Art of Talking to Yourself

It is this thought that you ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING that is blocking the energies to acquire new thought patterns. 

And it's in these MIND energies that your awakening lies. 

The path to living VIBRANT isn't a matter of accumulating MORE, it's a matter of stripping away and going back to your PUREST form.

Let me light the way to happiness in YOUR world.

It's time to live VIBRANT and see life with new eyes. 

In doing so, you can WAKE others to a greater existence. 

Together, we can break the chain of societal stories that happiness comes from the OUTSIDE. 

The first step begins within

Mad love to you, and blessings for eternal peace, passion, and deep purpose. 





Liberate Your Life to Experience Freedom + Infinite Flow


Liberate Your Life to Experience Freedom + Infinite Flow

Last week, a friend messaged me saying she felt expansive and realized it was the eve of Passover.

Knowing I am Jewish, she knew this expansion was no coincidence.

She was beautifully curious, asking…what does this holiday mean to you?

Put simply, liberation from the limitations of your life.

For over 3,000 years now, Jews have been celebrating the Passover holiday with the Seder meal in remembrance of our ancestors who were slaves in Egypt and escaped in Exodus wandering the desert for over 40 years.

So we are not slaves.

And we are not in Egypt….

So what does this mean for you?

And, this sacred energy is not JUST for the Jewish people.

It is inherent in all of us.

It’s no coincidence this is in alignment with the Full Moon in Libra energy present this week, which is focused on relationships and giving each of us the chance to plant seeds for new connections, and water those that are currently in your life.

It’s a time to reflect inwardly and ask yourself what you need to feel fulfilled.

To liberate your Soul from the limitations of the mundane, the routine, and the layers of experience you have inherited throughout your lifetime.

Both Passover and the Full Moon energy that is present NOW holds this expansive energy to RISE above the limitations of our ego, and tap into the energy of the infinite Universe which is unbounded, unbridled, and infinitely FREE.

In fact, the Matza is a taste of freedom to remind you that when you transcend the limits of our life, true miracles happen.

The word Egypt in Hebrew is Mitzrayim, which means “narrow straits”.

As we remember this beautiful holiday, you are able to transcend the narrow and limited thinking that is a part of everyday life and routines to elevate to a higher state of consciousness.

To experience true FREEDOM, which lies when one is courageous enough to believe in that which you can’t see.

To trust in a higher power that is the source of your Soul.

The physical body can experience, but the Soul can transcend the limitations of the finite to experience infinity.

This week, we all soak in this magical energy to transcend.

To liberate our limitations and free ourselves from the physical and psychological burdens that we have put on ourselves, or acquired along the way.

To liberate the stories.

To liberate the layers.

To liberate the physical limitations.

To liberate your limits.

In this liberation, you can finally feel FREE.

And in this freedom, you attune with your purest energy, that of your Soul.

The TRUE you.

Pure freedom.

Pure faith.

Pure FLOW.

But it all sparks with belief and taking the first step.

I would be honored to guide you to infinite freedom + abundant flow, as there is never a “right” time, liberation sparks in divine time! >> www.freedomandflow360.com

Liberate, don’t limit YOUR LIFE!


Understanding Your Energy Can Completely Shift Your Life


Understanding Your Energy Can Completely Shift Your Life

What is energy, and why I am obsessed with this concept?

Well, for starters, it is something I craved for many years of my life.

I remember in college a friend used to call me “Lento” which means slow in Spanish, and apparently this stuck with me for good reason.

I was slow, because I simply had no energy.

In my time in the Corporate world, I remember literally forcing myself up every morning amidst the complete lack of energy or drive.

Friends would say to me, I really don’t envision you waking up early to make it to work.

What choice did I have, I thought to myself? The bills don’t pay themselves.

On weekends, I stayed bed till 2pm, because I was exhausted from the work week and just craved REST.

My life was DRAINING.

Energy was just a word to me. It had no meaning, because I never truly FELT the force of LIFE that I now know energy to be.

But again, I felt I had no choice.

I had the mindset that my paycheck was a means to an end, and that end would be the 2 days a week where I could finally be myself.

I LIVED for the weekends.

Hey, 2 out of 7 isn’t so bad right?

28% of my life is as I desire…and the other 72% is controlled by forces beyond mine.

Until the day when it SPARKED for me that my life was a direct correlation of beliefs that were infused in me.

They were not my beliefs, yet somehow as human beings we are insane enough to truly BELIEVE that this is true?

Who created this so-called TRUTH?

I adopted them from the world around me, and made them my own.

I guarantee these stories have ruled your life too.

“What other choice do I have?”
“When I make xxx, then I will be happy!”
“You have to work HARD to make money, be successful, have all you desire, and be happy.”
Or the classic tale of….”Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Surely it doesn’t, but energetically YOU can plant the seeds of your money tree.

So, theoretically, MONEY DOES GROW ON TREES!

These beliefs can EMPOWER you, or they can destroy you.

Beliefs are simply ENERGY, and the life force of your mind.

As the great Einstein said,

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

Energy is the momentum of your LIFE.

It is the immersion of science meets spirit.

Physically, you can understand this concept through science.

Spiritually, you can feel this ENERGY and use it to your advantage to attract ALL you desire.

Energy is the life force that runs through you.

Energy is your FUEL.

The yogis know this as Prana, the Sanskrit word for life force.

The Taoists call it Chi, and have charted its movement throughout the body.

It is known as Mana in Polynesia, Ruach in Hebrew (which also means “wind”), and Ki to the Japanese.

But energy runs so much deeper than feeling physically vibrant, or mentally sharp.

Energy is EVERYTHING around you, and inside of you.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, lost, and always trying to play catch up with the never-ending to do list, this is a simple fix.

Energy in must meet energy out.

Meaning, you cannot give what you don’t have.

If you are expending more energy than what you take in, you will feel depleted.

Yet most of us feel we are invincible, especially with the ridiculous demands of today’s world that technology should make us faster, work harder, and accomplish more.

Or….maybe you don’t feel invincible, but your boss makes you feel the pressure to perform so.

And then there’s your family to take care of, husband and kids. Parents. Grandparents. Grandkids.

And life’s everyday demands. Grocery shopping. Clean the house. Pay the bills.

Keep everything in order.

Oh yeah, and then there’s YOU. Do you even have time for that?

My point being, that the only way to get out from under is to shift your life by understanding where your ENERGY goes?

Because Einstein was so wise by saying, “Energy is everything.”

Money is energy.

Colors are energy.

Your relationships are energy.

The home you live in is energy.

Numbers are energy.

Time is energy.

Nature is energy.

Your thoughts are energy.

And YOU, my dear are ENERGY.

You are the purest form of energy there is, and this is the LIFE that radiates within you.

How can understanding this concept truly shift your life?

  1. First, gain awareness of what is affecting your energy. As I mentioned before, energy in should match energy out.
  2. Take inventory by creating a simple list. On one side, list everything that gives you energy. On the other side, list what drains your energy.
  3. Here’s the real kicker! Highlight the items from this list that you DO MOST OFTEN.
  4. See what sparks. What you do most often is simply a habit, it does not HAVE TO BE YOUR LIFE. Thoughts are simply energy to which YOU control. Liberate yourself from these inherited stories. They are not YOU.
  5. Swap ONE item from the energy out list to the energy in list. This is what will help you align your energy to your highest potential!

However, what will help you FEEL this newfound energy everyday is a practice.

And that can start with a simple ritual that will take no more than 10 minutes a day.

What can you start doing TODAY for just 10 mins a day?

Take the first step, and snag a spot on my upcoming webinar, Elevate Your Energy.

It’s absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose. Only ENERGY to gain!!!


Dreaming Reality


Dreaming Reality

Four years ago, a dear friend of mine, Dayana, brought me back a beautiful gift from Brazil tied with a sacred red string around the gift.

She told me that in her country of Brazil, this was a wish bracelet, that when tied 3 times around your wrist, seals the wish you make upon tying the bracelet.

When it falls off or breaks, your wish comes true!

We have a similar tradition in my native country that when visiting the Western Wall, the sacred red ribbons are blessed to you upon your arrival.

Fast forward to 2 years later, the bracelet finally broke, which you can see in my picture above!

I did not take this off for over 2 years, showered with it, slept with it, and wore it even to weddings and special occasions, even in it’s tattered form!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Dreams are ENERGY.

They are thoughts put forth in motion to manifest thoughts into REALITY.

If a genie granted you this sacred red bracelet, what would you wish for?

Would you wish for more time to workout and care for yourself?

More money and freedom to do what you LOVE?

Have you wanted to try meditation, but can’t seem to quiet your mind?

More restorative sleep so you don’t always feel exhausted and craving more?

All desires start with INTENTION.

Intention sets the ENERGY in motion.

Step by step, you take ACTION to make this a living reality.

Let’s take this first step together to learn your ENERGY and how it impacts every decision in your life, which manifests the reality you live!

It’s absolutely FREE, so you have nothing to lose, and only ENERGY to gain! >>https://mozenwellness.lpages.co/elevate-your-energy-copy/


Insanity is Your Path to Freedom!


Insanity is Your Path to Freedom!

We live in a logical world where the only thing that makes sense is what YOU can experience with your 5 senses.

If you can see it, you KNOW it as truth.

Success is determined by wealth, exceeding your “benchmark”, and knocking everything off your to-do list and more.

Success is living the American dream.

The lucrative profession.

A gorgeous house in a “safe” town with your spouse and children.

Investing for the future with a 30-year plan to retirement.


Embrace Your Human


Embrace Your Human

What if the darkness was simply a Universal sign of healing and bringing one closer to the light. 

In reality, it is exactly that. 

If you don’t believe me, think of our great Mother Nature, the most Natural source of energy and where existence truly began. 

We have 12+ hours of light guided by the Sun, followed by the same pattern of darkness by the light of the Moon. 

Such is the natural order.