For years, I struggled with the pull of all versus nothing.

The deep desire within to DO more, achieve wild success, and ONLY when I was able to give it 100%. 

Why do something if I am not able to give it ALL my energy? I let the FEELS run my life, but not in the way that was serving my Soul. 

It wasn't a feeling that resided deep within, as the FEELS were driven by the outside world. 

I struggled with the voices in my head that not only wanted me to do MORE, but to receive in equal abundance. 

Again, driven by the forces of the material world, as the voice that resided deep within me was silenced. 

Silenced to a state of complete inaction. 

And in light of the recent tragedies of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, I can't help but feel this burning sensation within me to share my deepest thoughts and reflections on how to find TRUE, lasting happiness in a material world. 

The first thing that ran through my mind in hearing these tragedies was wondering how such prominent names in our society can suffer silently. 

How they can appear to live the golden life, but are truly SCREAMING inside. 

They can't silence the voices of pain within. 

The feelings of emptiness. 

The constant ping pong match of the devil and angel within, and tapping into moments of complete bliss and utter destruction. 

A world driven by fear that encourages you to accumulate MORE, instead of appreciating what lies before your very eyes. 

When truly, it is a matter of MIND. 

For so many years, I was ruled by these forces.

But somehow, when I engaged, always felt amiss. 

It was the pull for instant gratification that is completely HUMAN, yet like everything else in the Universe, is a matter of balancing energies and staying in alignment with TRUTH.

As a child, this resulted in a constant battle with body image, weight gain, and constantly seeking satisfaction from indulgences. 

The constant craving for sweets.

Spending hours immersing in retail therapy, indulging in the latest designer fashions. 

Investing hundreds of dollars to ESCAPE the life I was living with lavish spa experiences, worldly travels, and fine dining experiences. 

Reaching to relationships to be my saving grace. 

Numbing my pain with external desires, that satisfied for a period of time, and always subsided short after. 

And then one day it truly CLICKED. 

I could see the world with new eyes, and slow down enough to SEE where the source of happiness truly resides. 

I found peace in listening to the voice that was silenced for too long.

The voice that asked me, "When do you feel the most PLEASURE?" 

When will you truly be HAPPY with WHAT IS, instead of what COULD BE? 

You see, the world is in pain because we are trained that happiness comes from doing more, instead of focusing on the pure INTENTION behind the experience. 

Having more fine dining experiences.

Accumulating more riches. 

Having lavish vacations.

The constant desire to IMPRESS others, instead of impressing yourself. 

Because when you really think about it, what is the driving FORCE behind the luxuries of the material world? 

To wear the mask of royalty, or to actually SOAK in the experience? 

And if that is so, then you should feel truly at BLISS in all moments of your life, not just in times of a summer escape. 

You can be basking in the sun on the beaches of Fiji and fall victim to the voices.

You can have millions in your brokerage account, and still feel POOR. 

You can be amidst company, and still feel completely ALONE.


Because you have not found your HAPPY. 

The pure, complete stillness where the voices have subsided and you feel JOY with simple pleasures, just like you did as a child. 

Where you have found that...

Happiness is PURPOSE.

Happiness is PASSION.

Happiness is PEACE. 

It's a feeling. Not something you can buy on 

It's the FEELS that is driven by the internal energies of the Soul.

A release of the expectations driven by material pleasures... 

Which more times than not, is driven by fear of losing these riches as a badge of honor. 

Now, don't get me are HUMAN, which means you will always have that innate desire. 

But today, I ask you to check in and ask yourself...HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? 

When will it be ENOUGH?

And even more powerful, is the question of asking yourself WHY do I need these things?

What does it bring to me internally? 

Who am I with it?

Who would I be without it? 

What truly matters? 

And if you still find yourself in a state of mass confusion, know that you are not alone. 

When you can follow the intention of your bliss, you will attract all you desire. 

Intention that is rooted in helping humanity, not pure desires for the self alone. 

How can you make an imprint in the sand? The first step begins WITHIN. 


“To know yourself, you must sacrifice the illusion that you already do.” 
Vironika TugalevaThe Art of Talking to Yourself

It is this thought that you ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING that is blocking the energies to acquire new thought patterns. 

And it's in these MIND energies that your awakening lies. 

The path to living VIBRANT isn't a matter of accumulating MORE, it's a matter of stripping away and going back to your PUREST form.

Let me light the way to happiness in YOUR world.

It's time to live VIBRANT and see life with new eyes. 

In doing so, you can WAKE others to a greater existence. 

Together, we can break the chain of societal stories that happiness comes from the OUTSIDE. 

The first step begins within

Mad love to you, and blessings for eternal peace, passion, and deep purpose.