Four years ago, a dear friend of mine, Dayana, brought me back a beautiful gift from Brazil tied with a sacred red string around the gift.

She told me that in her country of Brazil, this was a wish bracelet, that when tied 3 times around your wrist, seals the wish you make upon tying the bracelet.

When it falls off or breaks, your wish comes true!

We have a similar tradition in my native country that when visiting the Western Wall, the sacred red ribbons are blessed to you upon your arrival.

Fast forward to 2 years later, the bracelet finally broke, which you can see in my picture above!

I did not take this off for over 2 years, showered with it, slept with it, and wore it even to weddings and special occasions, even in it’s tattered form!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Dreams are ENERGY.

They are thoughts put forth in motion to manifest thoughts into REALITY.

If a genie granted you this sacred red bracelet, what would you wish for?

Would you wish for more time to workout and care for yourself?

More money and freedom to do what you LOVE?

Have you wanted to try meditation, but can’t seem to quiet your mind?

More restorative sleep so you don’t always feel exhausted and craving more?

All desires start with INTENTION.

Intention sets the ENERGY in motion.

Step by step, you take ACTION to make this a living reality.

Let’s take this first step together to learn your ENERGY and how it impacts every decision in your life, which manifests the reality you live!

It’s absolutely FREE, so you have nothing to lose, and only ENERGY to gain! >>