We live in a logical world where the only thing that makes sense is what YOU can experience with your 5 senses.

If you can see it, you KNOW it as truth.

Success is determined by wealth, exceeding your “benchmark”, and knocking everything off your to-do list and more.

Success is living the American dream.

The lucrative profession.

A gorgeous house in a “safe” town with your spouse and children.

Investing for the future with a 30-year plan to retirement.




“Fail to plan, and plan to fail”, they say.

But with the state of the the world today, and what you may be experiencing in your own life, do you truly BELIEVE that logical planning is the way?

What happens when forces beyond your comprehension shake the calculated plan?

Because, let’s be real, it WILL happen.

Disaster recovery, you say! And gosh, from my time in the Corporate world, those words make me cringe, because it is simply a formality to present to the Board of Directors to show you have taken precaution.

That you know STEP BY STEP how to recover from anything that disrupts the plan.

That if the plan fails, you have a foolproof way out!  

Then I joined the world of entrepreneurship and see this same pattern materialize in the form of wild offers to help you make $10,000 a month by learning this 3 step process!

Promises based on logic.

I speak to thousands of people online a month who all want DEFINED ANSWERS.

Tangible proof that this WORKS for me like it worked for you.

Yet somehow that concept seems wild to me, because that is not how the Universe works.

And you are a piece of the Universe.

So is everything that has been created since the beginning of time.

You are PURE energy and a spark of the divine.

So if the Universe has cycles and forces that sometimes cannot be predicted, does the Universe create a disaster recovery plan?

And if you don’t believe in Universal intelligence, look up at the sky.

Go outside, and take a breath of fresh air.

Watch the leaves glisten in the sun, and sway with the gentle breeze.

Soak in the LIGHT of the sun’s revitalizing rays.

That is TRUTH.

That is LOGIC.

That is the master of all plans in this logical world that humans have created to make sense of the world.

I am not suggesting that planning is not smart, I am simply suggesting that this balance we all strive to achieve is the immersion of LOGIC + INSANITY.

Logic helps you live in this physical world.

Insanity helps you go BEYOND that which you can’t see.

Because what you can experience with your five senses is all perception that creates ENERGY.

And that’s where it all clicked for me…

When I realized that success is energetic FLOW.

Yes, use logic to tap into what you KNOW.

But always stay open to that which you DO NOT KNOW and take ACTION on it despite the risk. 

That is beyond comprehension.

Complete chaos.

Insanity from the sense of unleashing the wild within you.

Knowing that just because you can’t logically explain it, doesn’t mean it isn’t TRUE.

Or at a deeper level, that this insanity can actually hold the key to all you DESIRE.

What is this insanity, you are thinking?

How can disconnecting from what I understand hold the key to what I desire?

To that I ask you, how can it not?

Again, a different perspective. Seeing your life with new eyes. A fresh lens on life.

Or maybe not even seeing, but BELIEVING anyways?

That is insanity at its finest, but the clearest path to unleashing your INFINITE potential.

Infinite energy holds infinite potential.

Infinite energy begins with your thoughts.

So...if your thoughts are infinite, you can align with the infinite forces at play.

Am I blowing your mind yet? Do you believe?

Thoughts create perceptions which become your reality.

So if you want to tap into what you have NOT experienced, you have to shift to the energy of what you have not seen, felt, touch, heard to that of the UNKNOWN.

Scary, yes!

But beyond this fear is where the life you truly desire lives.

Beyond this fear is the 3-step process to $10,000 a month. Or maybe $5,000 to start.

The only thing in your way right now is this LOGICAL mind of yours that makes sense of it all, but clearly is only perceiving the past and projecting it into the future.

That is logic to the human mind.  

Pure insanity, I say...because thinking about the past and projecting it into the future is not REAL.

What is REAL is what you are experiencing NOW.

Who you are in this moment is not the same person who started reading this blog.

Your body is physically changing in every second, and so is your mind based on what you experience every day.

So why defy the forces of Nature, and constantly replay the past?

Or worry about the future which 9 times out of 10 will NEVER happen?

Embrace this insanity, and use it to your advantage.

“Instead of thinking outside of the box, get RID of the box!” A classic quote by my greatest mentor, Deepak Chopra.

Create a plan, but don’t hold on so tight that you are in a state of panic when the plan doesn’t work out 100%.

Leave space for infinite energy to flow through you.



Surrendering the need to know, because by trying to control every aspect of your life, you are BLOCKING yourself from new experiences which hold the key to ALL YOU DESIRE. 

You keep doing the same thing over and over, but desiring a different outcome!

Classic insanity, my friend.

So what do I suggest as a remedy for this madness of human nature?

Embrace insanity. As I said before, use it to your advantage.

Go beyond what you KNOW.

Try living life just a LITTLE differently today.

Say YES to something that you said NO to before.

This is the key that opens the door to the infinite directions your life can go.

All you need to do is reach out your hand and grab it by TRUSTING in yourself and the forces beyond >> freedomandflow360.com