How Your Thoughts + Vibrations Create Your Life

Your life is created by what you think everyday. 🤔

Your thoughts are vibrations. 
Your thoughts radiate. 
Your thoughts are powerful. 
Your thoughts are ENERGY.

And as the great Einstein said, "Energy is EVERYTHING."
Such is the foundation of my life + my work.
Every thought you think releases a vibration into the Universe that attracts that vibration BACK TO YOU.
Seems simple enough, right?
Yet I know exactly what you're thinking, how can I keep my thoughts FOCUSED ONLY on what I desire?
Because let's be real, you are human.
Your thoughts aren't always powerful.
Sometimes that little devil within you, otherwise known as the ego, takes hold of your Soul and infuses you with thoughts that are distracting, disturbing, and convince you OUT of the truth that is deep inside of you. 👺

So you're wondering, how can I control my mind to receive my highest good?
How can I be HAPPY when I'm just not feeling it?
To that, my dear, I have a very simple remedy.
Feel your feelings + shift to a higher vibration by asking yourself what you NEED in that moment, and do that.
Even if it's for 5 minutes. 📿
If you feel anxious and stressed, trying to be Pollyanna may not be the solution you need, as it suppresses your deep rooted feelings.
Let your feelings ROAM FREE and then reset your soul by asking what you need.

1. Allow the anxiety to wash over you.
2. Ask yourself what is making you anxious.
3. Question if this thought is REAL?
4. Align yourself with your immediate need with a quick REBOOT of your choice.

What you need in the moment can change each time, maybe one day you need a 5 minute walk in nature sans your iPhone, and the next a minute of silence in deep breathing calms your soul.
And if you have even more time, feed your soul with an inspiring read, or stimulating your mind with COLOR in gorgeous images on your Pinterest feed. 🌈

The only way out is through.
The only way to release these thoughts from controlling you is to make it a HABIT.
The thoughts may come, but you my dear, have the POWER to say, "No, thank you."

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Mad love to you, Sister. 💚🧘‍♀️