Whispers of my Soul

The ego talks, but I don't listen.
I tune in, and listen to the whispers of my soul.
This holds the key to ALL I desire.

Sounds simple, right? Tune in to your SOUL, not your ego.

You know, the little angel and devil on either side of your mind.

The voice that inspires versus the voice that PROTECTS you.

The voice that tells you I GOT THIS, versus the voice that allows all the doubts, fears, and past patterns to consume you to the point of INACTION.

The irony of it all is that the ego’s attempt to protect you always BACKFIRES.

You attempt something new, and it doesn’t work…so you go back to your protective bubble and say, “Nope, this just wasn’t meant to be.”

Or, maybe someone else was meant for this, but not I.

I’m not experienced enough.
I’m not talented enough.
I’m not financially equipped to do this!

When all these thoughts boil down to ONE centering thought: I’m not good enough….

What if I try this, and I FAIL?

That is classic ego speak at play.

Protecting you from feeling failure, when in essence all the ego is doing is STOPPING YOU FROM STARTING.

Who is this ego that seems to control me?
What does he/she want from me?
Why does the EGO voice always seem to WIN?

The ego wins when you GIVE IT BREATH.
The ego wins when you entertain these fear-based thoughts.
The ego wins when you mistake fear for LOGIC.

Logic is the greatest killer of your soul’s desires.

Or shall I say, “Illusionary logic”.

This is where the ego TRULY thrives, convincing you that you need PROOF before you can take action.

Proof as in TIME.
Proof as in MONEY.
Proof as in ENERGY.

Proof in hearing other’s success that this WILL WORK FOR ME!

But you are not that other person, so why assume that you MUST do it that way?

Again, the ego is at play here.

The ego is a FOLLOWER, whereas the soul is a LEADER.

The soul knows exactly what you need to do, yet you NEVER listen.

Or maybe 5% of the time you do, because it FEELS extravagant…but then you self-sabotage your happiness by thinking…


Nothing is TOO good to be true, unless you decide it is so.

The ego is simply protecting you by ACCESSING YOUR PAST.

The soul dives into the vast unknown, however, this is the ONLY place where infinite possibilities lie for you.

The soul is the child within you who knew no boundaries.
The soul is the deep yearning within you for MORE out of life.
The soul is at its HIGHEST VIBRATION when you feel most ALIVE.

So let the ego talk, but don’t listen. Tune in, and listen to the whispers of your soul.
This holds the key to ALL you desire.

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