Embrace Your Human

Years ago, I sacrificed the New Year’s hype on resolutions, and focused my awareness on setting intentions. 

To be quite real with you, I do this regularly, so why is the dawn of a New Year SO captivating? 


The close of the past and the beginning of 365 fresh days of opportunity inspires HOPE within us all. 

Even the rebel at heart within me. 

It’s not that I don’t believe in divine timing, because I most certainly do…and I avidly follow the Moon Cycles for divine guidance, practicing spiritual rituals, and setting intentions to cleanse the darkness and bask in the light. 

But this year, I received a download questioning why it is human nature to shun the darkness? 

What if the darkness was simply a Universal sign of healing and bringing one closer to the light?

In reality, it is exactly that. 

If you don’t believe me, think of our great Mother Nature, the most Natural source of energy and where existence truly began. 

We have 12+ hours of light guided by the Sun, followed by the same pattern of darkness by the light of the Moon. 

Such is the natural order. 

Yet as human beings, one constantly FIGHTS against the darkness instead of understanding WHY the darkness exists in the Universe. 

And the more you fight, the more that energy comes back to you. 

What you resist, persists. 

Simply because the world is not 100% light. 

True balance has both light + darkness within, in Nature and within yourself. 

And with so much hype online about self-development and basking in light energy, it is easy to be blindsided when LIFE happens and you just can’t see the light. 

There’s nothing wrong with you. It is completely human! 

You are light. And you are dark. 

Some humans more light than dark, but it doesn’t mean they have no darkness within.

That would assume perfection, and you KNOW perfection doesn’t exist. 

Perfection is embracing the Natural Order.

Loving the light, and then seeing what message the darkness has for you. 

Feeling through what comes up for you, instead of shoving it under the rug…because energetically that only hides the dust bunnies underneath!!

Shake the rug, and POOF! 

It all comes back when you least expect. 

Which then leads to you fearing this happening again…and such continues the cycle of reliving the past instead of creating new memories. 

Which is exactly why I don’t spend too much time harping on what went wrong…because the only way out of your prison of the past is to FIND A NEW DIRECTION. 

To reflect briefly as to WHY something happened, or why you made a certain choice…and then move on. 

Set new intentions. 

Accept that dark moments may happen, but it’s only for your highest good. 

The Universe only knows the word YES, so your thoughts project YES constantly to Universal intelligence. 

Which means the Universe is listening…which is perfectly okay if your thoughts are sometimes impure. 

Again, you are human. 


And with dark thoughts, you ask the Universe to help heal you by pushing you outside of your comfort bubble. 

That is perfect harmony. 

And while I’m not a Star Wars fan, my husband and I went to see The Last Jedi on Christmas, and I was so touched by this exact theme. 

It is the tension between darkness and light. Much like you feel in your mind + body everyday. 

Some days stronger than others! But they both exist within your Soul. 

But truly it is about choices, and how you IMPACT your future by what you CHOOSE to guide you. 

Will you choose the light or the darkness within you this year? How can each element help guide you to your higher self? 

As Commander Leia said, “Hope is like the sun. If you only believe it when you see it, you’ll never make it through the night.”

Believe and have faith by the light of the Sun + the Moon. 

Carry this HOPE that inspires you in January through the light and the darkest of times for 2018 and beyond.

Happy New Year, and may the Forces of Light + Dark be with you!