Connecting the Dots

As humans, we love to gain a greater understanding of the world by putting everything in its “perfect” little place.

It helps you make sense of it all. And on a more powerful level, it helps you understand how this relates to your life.

Light or Dark
Good versus Evil
Right or Wrong
Catch or Release

But truly, as I have found along my own spiritual path, there is no defined answer.

In fact, all answers are correct in their own magical way as they weave an intricate fabric that interconnects to be YOUR LIFE.

To really light the way in the answers you seek, you must CONNECT THE DOTS.

The 3 most powerful connections you have in your life are….

connection to your inner self,
connection to the outside world,
connection to a higher power.

Connecting to yourself helps you understand who you truly are versus what your life’s experiences have defined you to be. To peel back the layers of what you have become as opposed to who you were as an innocent child.

You may feel perhaps that you knew nothing as a child, but in fact, this is where your true soul blossomed.

You were FREE to be yourself without reservations or the overwhelming thoughts of what you feel obligated to do.

You were BORN with the answers, which means they still live deep within you.

Connecting to the outside world is your way of making sense of what already lies within you. However, you feel torn. Always playing mental ping pong in your mind of what others want you to do versus what you truly VALUE in life.
Thinking thoughts such as…

What will they think?
What if I offend him/her by saying no?
How will they react to me speaking my truth?
What if they don’t understand me?

But the truth of the matter is that when DEFINE YOURSELF, all falls into the “perfect” little place you envisioned it to be.

And I define “perfect” in quotes because there truly is NO such thing. Any diversion from that is simply a trick of the mind.

Perfection does not exist. Being HUMAN does.

So to that I say, what does it matter of the WAY you approach the outside world if you are not true to that first connection to your PURE self?

The essence of your soul will speak when you immerse in your PURE LOVE.

And then comes the third most PROFOUND connection, which is to a higher power. And whether or not you have embraced religion or a spiritual practice, that matters not.

Because to connect to a higher power in its simplest form is to BELIEVE WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE.

To trust that the answers will come in divine timing.

To stay open to the magic that surrounds you in everyday life, whether that’s a song on the radio, your urge to buy the gorgeous bunch of peonies at the grocery store, or a quote that appears in your inbox that astounds you because that is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEEDED TO HEAR in that moment.

That is connection to a higher power. This is the DEEP energetic connection to a source that has infinite potential.

It is the magical umbrella that shelters and guides you through the storms of life.

And once I realized that I was so deeply passionate about CONNECTING THE DOTS of my life and how everything is truly not separate but DEEPLY CONNECTED AS ONE, I accepted this as my calling to share with the world.

To connect deeply to this ENERGY in my personal life.
To share this ENERGY with all that organically connect with my words.
To invite the higher power to carry this torch with me in lighting the world.

As the great Einstein said,

“Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

That sounds great, but how can I see this connect to MY LIFE?

If you are deeply inspired by this concept of energy awareness, I gracefully extend an invitation for you to join me on an epic 8-week journey to connect the dots of your life in ENERGETIC fashion!

Live your life at a HIGH frequency!!>>