Darkness within the Light - I am GOLD

In fact, it was just yesterday that a dear friend said to me, “You definitely are one of the kindest, most thoughtful, caring, warm, inspiring and most positive person I have ever met. You shine so brightly every day.” 

Others call me sunshine. 

Which is a dear compliment to me, as my mother used to sing “You are my sunshine to me” everyday as a young child, and I still cry every time I hear that song.

In fact, I dedicated a mother + daughter dance at my wedding to rock side to side, hand in hand with my mother to the words “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey…”

And while you may find the mention of this song completely random, I truly believe that there are no coincidences in my life. 

Songs are comprised of words. 

Words are energy. 

Music is energy. 

The love radiating from my mother’s soul as she sang is energy…

And this holds the key to all of life’s mysteries. 


When I finally connected the dots, it all became clear. 

I spent so many years of my life always wanting to soak in the sunshine, which is LIGHT energy, and this is who I still am today. 

Yet positive energy cannot work alone. 

Everything in life is energy, and vibrates higher in balanced fashion. 

When I think of my path to enlightenment, I envision a path of yellow light morphing into GOLD.

The color yellow reminds me of the sun, and the light which you can see.  This is your connection to the physical world.  

Yet when I think of gold, I think magic. This is the light you cannot see. 

This is divine energy, your soul’s connection. 

You can’t always infuse in LIGHT, but gold will bring you back to the light. 

If you don’t believe in magic, look up at the sky.

Marvel at the beauty of the leaves on the trees rustling in the whisper of the wind.

Touch the soft petals of a blooming flower. 

Admire a deer in the wild frolicking through the hills. 

Think beyond the sun, which you can feel as the first spark of abracadabra.  

That is GOLD. 

As the late Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Gold is recognized when it is tested.” 

One is not more powerful than the other. 

In fact, they work as balanced energies which release their magic as they come together. 

Gold is light RADIATING at a higher vibration. 

I am gold, yet I am not always LIGHT. 

I am human, which means I experience darkness.  Yet the GOLD energy lies in the fact that I can always feel the light in the dark. 

This is where the POWER takes flight. 

You too, have this power within you. I know, you’re probably saying to yourself easier said than done.

I too, thought that way for most of my life. 

Yet the disbelief in what you thought was true is where the GOLD lies…because you are a divine spark of that blossoming flower. 

You can see the light within the darkness through belief in a higher power. 

In knowing that you are created in the image of the divine, which means this all lies within your spirit. 

You keep seeking answers from the light, because that is what you can see. 

That is YELLOW.

What will carry you through the darkness is GOLD. 

This gold energy is laced throughout everything you know in life to be true. 

Because you cannot see it, does not mean it does not exist.

In fact, this all exists within the spark of the divine. 

That spark is you.

You are GOLD.