Strawberry Full Moon of Sagittarius - June 9, 2017

Started 6:09am PST today! This energy carries through to the next moon cycle in 2 weeks. 

Full Moons are a culmination + completion, a time where everything we need to see is EXPOSED. Which may seem scary, but the only way out…is THROUGH.

Truth is FREEDOM.

This Full Moon is also known as a Strawberry Moon, as historically, this is when the Algonquin Tribe knew to pick their strawberries!!!

What is also magical about this Full Moon (which happens EVERY June) is that this year…it’s the same day as the Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year!

This last happened in 1967, which was the Summer of Love!

And it won’t happen again until 2062.

So what exactly does this Strawberry Moon mean for you? 

Energetically, it is a time of…

Joy + Expansion + Courage + Wisdom where LOVE is really expanded in a powerful way as activated by the number 9 (9th day of the month) which is the KING of numbers! 

9 is a culmination of the energies of the numbers 1-8! 

What is this a good time for?

With the Moon in alignment with Saturn, it is a perfect time to BREAK FREE from old habits + embrace your higher self…to truly go inward and TRUST the higher wisdom that lives deep inside your soul.

Mars is sextile (angled about 60 degrees in the Universe) with Venus, which is a divine time to activate some ROMANCE tonight! Planets that are sextile also have collective powers, and inspire one another! 

And…the Sun + Moon are in 18 degrees (a divine number meaning LIFE) and in a T-square with Neptune, which rules spirituality and the magic of mysticism. 

This means DIVINE wisdom will be brought forth to the light to help you SEE PAST THE ILLUSIONS in your mind…so you can finally have the ENERGY + INSIGHT to ELEVATE to a higher vibe!!!

Above all, Full Moons are a GORGEOUS time to have a personal ritual of cleansing. Take some time tonight to really think about your life as it is …and take personal inventory! What is truly serving you? What is just SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF YOU? Time to release + RENEW! 

Some of my personal suggestions:

Light a candle and get still

Meditate to nature sounds

Soak in a bubble bath + bask in essential oils

Journal what you're ready to RELEASE and burn/dispose of the toxic energy!

Think about your desires + set NEW intentions


Enjoy Darling! Any questions about Moon Rituals, feel free to comment below!