Consistency isn’t easy. You wake up every morning with the greatest of intentions, and what happens?


You have so many grand ideas for your life, but the mountain of obligations is often times so daunting, you find yourself doing NOTHING.

Crippled by the very existence of your aspirations!

Why is that? Surely it would seem the more motivated you are, the more you succeed?

Do you feel that the more you desire for your life, the less time you feel you have to accomplish it?

You start a 30 day challenge, and you are behind by Day 5.

I totally get it! I can’t tell you know many e-mail challenges I signed up for, and never even read the emails.

I had the greatest of intentions, but I’m just too OVERWHELMED!

We currently live in a society of information overload.

  • FB posts

  • Emails

  • Nonstop notifications

  • Challenges galore!

  • Click for this FREE download…

  • Learn the secrets to….

Seriously, when does it end? How can you find the pearls of wisdom amidst the fog of information?

TRUST that the answers you seek will come in divine timing.

The more you pressure yourself to "keep up with the Jones", the less inclined you will be to find exactly what you are seeking.

Expect less, and FLOW with the current of your life.

Have a plan, and then let GO of how it’s all going to fall into place.

TRUST yourself.

STOP trying to control every aspect of your day, and surrender to the magic that comes when you actually….TRY less.

Flow with the tide and you will feel the Universe’s magic within you.

Sound like a bunch of woo-woo nonsense?

Visualize for a minute a point in your life when you actually STUCK to something. What was the secret ingredient?

I know you may be different than me, which is what makes this world so beautiful.

That’s why I truly believe in the power of ASKING QUESTIONS, and not just assuming that what works for me will work for you.

One of my favorite words of wisdom is DO YOU.

So simple, yet so profound.

So when I think about this secret ingredient, that’s EXACTLY what comes to mind.

  • DO ME.

  • BE ME.


Not my way, or Tony Robbins way, or Danielle LaPorte’s way…but YOUR way.

I feel that with the influx of information online and especially social media, your voice has been drowned out by everyone else telling you THEIR way.

So how can you stay consistent with the voices tugging you in 1,000 directions, each telling you that they KNOW the secret keys to your success, joy, and happiness?

How can you stick with whatever goals you set out for yourself, whether that’s to find inner peace, feel more energetic, lose weight, or start that online business of your dreams?

For that question, I have a few SUGGESTIONS. Not something you have to follow, just a spark of inspiration to get your mental juices flowing!

  1. QUICK

  2. EASY


If it takes too long, you will find a million reasons to procrastinate.

If it’s too difficult, you’ll get frustrated and quit. Well…if you don’t LOVE it, you just won’t do it! (At least not for very long)

So I challenge you today to think about ONE thing you’ve been wanting to change in your life. Write it down now! Let’s make this your June intention.

Now write down the 3 suggested words…

  1. QUICK - How much time a day can you commit to getting closer to this change?

  2. EASY - What’s ONE thing you can do to start today?

  3. GOTTA LOVE IT - How can you make this experience something you LOVE?

My June intention is to spend more time sharing my wisdom with you. I spend a lot of time on Facebook sharing, but my deepest desire is to connect at a DEEPER level with those who truly LOVE and appreciate my inspiration.

Here’s my 1-2-3!

  1. I will spend 20 minutes a day journaling my content which will flow into my blog, email list, and FB community!

  2. ONE thing I can do to start today is to create snippets of this blog to share on Facebook!

  3. I already dearly LOVE writing, but I can make this experience even richer by committing to spending time sitting on my terrace in the sunshine while I write. This truly allows me to be in FLOW mode, and truly speak from the heart!

With that, I bid adieu.

Expect to hear more from me in the coming weeks!

I feel called to connect at a deeper level. I feel inspired to unleash my GREATNESS at a HIGHER vibration. I hope this energy pours through my writing, and inspires you TODAY to unravel the web of overwhelm and start living your VIBRANT life!

Your dose of sunshine,